Inline Skate Buying Guide

If you are a first time skater and intending to buy a pair of inline skates for yourself, what would you be looking out for? Most Comfortable pair? Within your budget? Aesthetically nice looking? Or do you listen to your friends’ recommendation on certain brands/ specific models that they claim to be the best skates? If you do follow the few questions I’ve mentioned, you might end up investing in a wrong pair of inline skates. Getting a pair of good skates is not as easy as selecting something that you ‘think’ it is good, you need to ask someone with years of experience.

With more than 10 years of evolution and technology, and improvised specifications of inline skates can make things hard and indecisive of what to choose or which is best for you. At Freeskate Inline Specialist Shop, we strongly recommend you to ask about different skates, try different models and brands of inline skates.

And now, how should you select a pair for yourself?

1.What type of skating are you planning do?

Over the years as inline skating becomes more popular, there are even many distinctive types of inline skating.

-Recreational, leisure, lifestyle skating

-Freestyle/Urban Skating

-Inline Hockey

-Speed skating

-Aggressive skating

-Figure skating

-Competitive freestyle

-All rounder skater

All the above types require you to have different types of skates for its own performance.  Once you research about the different skating types and know what you are looking into, we need to check what skates are suitable for you type of skating.

  1. 2.    Your skating background

Next we need to look into your skating history, whether you have prior skating experiences or is this purchase going to be your first pair of skates, second or third. You need to tell us what experiences you had with your previous skates so as we can further understand what problems you had faced previously and we will recommend a pair to avoid those problems, or, if u have any injury in your ankles, knees and ligaments for first timers and experienced skaters is good to let us know. For example, anyone with weak ankles or suffered ankle injuries should need a pair that has sufficient cuff and ankle support to prevent further injuring on the same area.

3.    Fitting and selecting of skates

On the first part of skates fitting, we talk about the sizes. Wearing a shoe size of 6 doesn’t determine that in skates you will be achieving the same size. When it comes to shoes, you would love the most comfortable pair. Whereas for skates, you may end up not buying the actual size of your usual shoes that is because of the various types of skate fittings available:

-Narrow fitting

-Hollow fitting

-Average fit

-Broad Fitting

-Ultra snug fitting

-Custom fit

Telling the retailer its tight does not determine you need a larger size, by increasing the size may end you up in extra loose fitting skates and weak support and control, it is going to hinder your skating performance. Our specialists know how to choose the correct fitting type according to individual feet. Some retailers will not tell you this, which every single pair of skates has an expansion phase which may cause a comfy pair to loose pair. For anyone to enjoy a healthy sport like inline skate, first of you will need to buy the suitable pair.

Should your skate do not provide you with these 3 phases, you would have definitely bought the wrong pair. Based on my 10 years of skate retailing experience, I’ve definitely seen hundreds and hundreds of customers who have no knowledge about skates and spent on a pair (or even up to 4-5 pairs) that costs between $100-$1000 before knowing about my shop and got a pair that is long term investment and of course, the correct fitting for them.  These people had their wrong pairs changed within the time frame: shortest 2 weeks to about 1 year.

So please, do not be the next victim to purchase a wrong skate that may cause you to either stop this sport, or triple your investment. A genuinely good pair of skates should last for more the 3-4 years, not causing you more problems when skating

4.    Know what are you paying for

Do not worry so much on your budget of getting a pair of inline skates, because when you stepped in our outlet we will in depth explain to you about what are you paying for, whether you fit is suitable only that 1 or 2 model; getting a high range performance skate to help you improve your skills, or paying for a all rounder good support skates that gives you the opportunity to fine tune and modify your skates in future. We make sure that your every cent spent is the most worthwhile and long term investment.

5.    Ask for after sales service availability

Knowing that you have bought a suitable pair does not end just there. You need to also clarify if there is any after sales services such as repairs, available modifications and alignment adjustments, servicing of bearings and even what are the different parts of your skates that can be repaired.

Rest assure, we are the only ones that will tell you, do not be surprised if you go to other shops they do not even know certain types of modifications and repairs are available.

Here are some facts that differentiate us as specialists comparing to any other ordinary skate retail shop. As specialists, we:

1.Believe that all everyone’s feet is shaped differently, so there is no specific models that our specialist can recommend you. You would need to try them on and different models to find the best fit.

2.Carry a wide variety and types of inline skates to cater for all different purpose of inline skating

3.Would encourage you as a consumer to not fall for any powerful sales talking from normal retailers that all models or specifics ones are good and that you must buy them.

4.Explain in details the vast difference in prices, specifications and individual fittings that can help you decide and buy a correct pair. For instance, we tell you the pro and cons of skates with bigger frames and wheels or smaller, and how they benefits you in the long run

5.Sizes of skates should be fitting, not given any slight chance of allowance that can cause you severe blisters and discomforts

6.Would tell you if the skates you tried is of the wrong fitting or size and recommend other models, WE DO NOT HARD SELL!!

7.Have all our strong reasons to educate you on what’s good and what’s not, what’s right or wrong.

8.Believe strongly in excellent customer service and recommendations of inline skates according to individual needs marks the start for you to enjoy the sport

9.You bring it, we fix it immediately! We guarantee a 30min bearing servicing and buckle repairs. You need not have to leave you skates over night with us.

  1. 10. Make you believe us, we plan your skates investment and help you to save cost in

    spending on skates for the next many years to come.

Whereas, the ordinary retailers will tell you these:

1.“This is the best brand” or “this is the best” with no factual reasoning to their recommendation.  Have you ever asked why is it so? If no, then its time you would need rectify if it’s really true that the pairs recommended are “so called” bests. And honestly, there is no such thing as the “BEST” brand now.

2.“Hard boot’s are only for professionals or freestyle skaters” – which is totally not true. There are beginners who needs a pair of good support skates in order to skate well or learn well

3.“If you don’t like this model, MAYBE you can choose this” there is no such skate that can be easily fitted to any fit if one doesn’t fit you. You need to learn how to choose the correct pair not by judging the outlooks, but by the feel of it. If your retailer tells you to choose another model because of colour and design, I can guarantee you that the retailer knows nothing about skates

4.“Everything about this pair is the best or good!” Will not tell you that the amount of money you are about to spend, you are getting a entry level or equivalent to supermarket toy skates quality.

5.Exaggerate the good points of skates and miss out the bad points, and if the bad points are exposed, the use words to counter their brands. For example, the child has lazy legs; he needs more lessons to correct the mistakes.

To be honest as a specialist and skater, there is no lazy legs, its either the skates are not performing well for that individual, or the instructor coaching did not do a good job.

These are some of the popular cover ups that retailers do to push certain brands or products, so make sure YOU do not fall for any of the above stated. You need to ask all things that you are uncertain of from a professional or specialists, then that is the only way you would make yourself a better and knowledgeable skater.